Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back from the dead!!

I have resurrected from the ashes..yup..the phoenix tears brought me back. Enough of this was just to tell you how happy I am to be back with all of you.

And why did I have to sign of the past two months? Nothing much, except that I started fulltime work and I am pregnant again!! I am three months into the pregnancy and you can imagine how it must have been, with morning sickness and suddenly finding yourself rushing to office and taking out on the rest room floor and missing your kids through the day! Am I forgiven for the months off??

Update on Kautu and Kachi..they are walking now...that cute baby walk with hands held to the chest and legs as stiff as a stick!! And they refuse to sit in a place..feeding happens only if I run around behind them, or in case I decide to sit down, they take a mouthfull, go exploring and come back and say "Amma" once their mouth is empty!!

I am feeling good now. Nausea is almost over and office work is pretty light these days. I still do only partime from office and part time from home, so, manage to get good enough time with the 'vanarams'. Have been catching up on all my favorite blogs, but its taken me a solid two months to adjust to the new lifestyle. Looking forward to hearing from you all, been missing the contact, and thanks everyone who expressed concern on my absence.