Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So I ran to Chennai

to see my cousins, born to my mom's brother after 17 years of marriage and innumerable difficulties! Its not my story to tell, but its a difficult one with a twin happy ending! A boy and A girl. And I was in an elevated state for most of the afternoon after hearing the news. When I heard that my bro and his fiancé were driving to chennai, I just had to hitch a ride. So, Krithika and I left the boys here in bangalore and went to chennai. After an eventful ride, wherein we went half way up to salem and then took the rustic village road to join the highway 3 hours after we left it, we reached Chennai late saturday night. I went the next day to see the kids, spent a lot of time giving unwanted advise on bringing up twins and came back the next day by bus. Travelling with Kishu is a lot better than travelling alone! She provided ample entertainment for most of the co-travellers. First it was pulling the little hair left on bald head of the person in front. Then it was playing hide and seek with someone right at the back of the bus and then hiding away shyly when the guy next to me so much as smiled at her! The rest of the time, she slept peacefully, giving me my much wanted rest.
Now, what were the guys upto in my absence? Having a ball of a time here! The three of them were out the entire day...first they went to our old house, met up with all the neighbours, then went to their dad's friend's house for lunch and then spent four hours hanging at RMZ mall by the fountain. Leaving you with a few pics of the boys day out...maybe I should go away more often!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Must do before you die

is a dharma darshanam at Thirupathi on a festival day. And we did that, last sunday! We were assured a ticket for a puja by an agent, who, after we reached Thirupathi said he couldn't manage one. Well, Karthik and I left my parents and kids in the room and went searching for some seva tickets. The thing there is, either you need a VIP pass for which you need to bribe a VIP or, all the members need to get their fingerprints done to get the tickets! So, we rushed back (by now it was 9.30 in the night) and got everyone to the booth to find that the tickets have all been sold. We took a call then and there and decided that Karthik and I would go for the Dharma Darshanam (free darshanam) and took all the money that various people had entrusted us to put into the Hundi. The Q had no beginning in sight. We walked for almost a half hour and then someone thrust us inside the Q. The time was 10.30 PM. We walked and stood alternatively for another 2 hours. Then we were all hearded into a cell and locked up! Really! There were some 400 odd people in the cell which was shaped loosely like an amphitheatre. Luckily we had taken a bed sheet which we spread and used the money bags as pillows and slept. Till 3.30 AM. Which was when an old lady with rings all over her ears and nose decided that she wanted to lie down in the minute space between the wall and my leg and started pushing my legs about. I got up in a dash, and with neither of us understanding each other, we managed to work out a solution. I huddled away to sleep another few hours and was woken up by a huge cry and rush in the cell. Breakfast had arrived! Karthik managed to snatch a plate of Upma while I decided to fast till darshan. Another two hours of sleep passed by. By 11.00 AM on sunday, we were wide awake and wondering when they were going to open the gates when someone opened up the entry gate and two people came inside. Looks like they managed to bribe a gaurd and get inside. We might be let out soon! Both of us rushed to the exit gate, reserving our positions and getting ready for the run. In a while, someone came rattling the keys and started opening one cell after the other! And we dashed. Hand in hand through all the people for 10 mintutes. By when my knee was beginning to ache a little bit. We finally reached a point where all the seva ticket holders merge and from then on, all we need to do was stand. The crowd just carries you forward. Almost 14 hours after the start of our wait, we got an amazing darshanam, made much more sweeter by the ardent wait and longing.