Friday, November 23, 2007


I don't know who has written the below review, but whoever it is, deserves a big hug and complete credits for it! I haven't watched the movie myself..and after this review, would love to catch a peek at just what the "horrendously ridiculous"ness is all about!! Go ahead and read...

Sawaariya is one long song with some breaks for dialog. And by dialog I mean girly giggling by the chic and some punch-me-in-the-face expressions accompanied by pig-like grunting by the hero. One wonders if all the actors are the props and the set is the real star in this movie. I came really close to concluding that the bridge-over-the-fake-river is the central star of the movie, because everyone of the other actors looks like they were made of rock. And the rocks had moss growing over them. And the rocks were painted blue To say Saawariya is a crappy movie would not be correct. Horrendously Ridiculous comes close, but it doesn't really capture the essence of the absurdity that this movie is. After watching this movie I felt like tying up Sanjay Leela Bansali alone in a room, forcing him to watch a cockroach chase a spider round-and-round a water fountain for 3 hours. That too in blue light. Because seriously, that's what this entire movie is. It's two grossly untalented kids, who probably got kicked out of college for lack of attendance and ended up on this set to spend the rest of the day. And for the love of God, I can't figure out why the whole movie is in blue! Maybe the director was trying to get every frame half-black half-blue so that the WinZip compression would work better to save some electrons, what with all the global warming and all. That's the best explanation I could come up with, because nothing else can explain the lack of daylight (or plain light, for that matter) in this movie.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One year and a half year update..

Times flown and here I am, sitting down the capture the one and a half year of an experience called "bringing up the twin terrors!" kachi and kautu (I don't know why it is in this order, may be because Kachi was responding to us much earlier than Kautu, who remained interested only in his toys till a few months back!) have been a part of our lives since May 18th, 2006 and managed to show me a few home truths along the way.

Kachi shows me how sloppily I drink tea...with a slurping sound and a blissful expression on my face, which till now I was ignorant of!
He shouts out for Appa, Amma and Aautu much in the same veins as the paperwalla shouts for paper early in the morning..a hoarse fishmonger cry that has Karthik n me wondering if this is how we actually call each other!
Kachu still remains with the six teeth he had four months back. We are yet to take him to the doc, but maybe, we should start back the milk that we've been denying him at 2 in the night.
He repeats every single word we say and the latest is "Adi" which means hit. Now he does something we would surely not like and comes to us, says Adi and hits our hands before proceeding to do exactly something else we would not like!
If he wants food, he screams "Mammu", sits on his mini chair with one leg up and keeps screaming "Mammu" till I rush with the hot food and the place the first spoonful in his mouth. Till this happens, only a cotton plug can save your ear.
Till a few weeks before, if we do not give him milk in time when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he throws away the bottle when we get it to him! One whack from karthik got rid of this habit, but we soon put a stop to the untimely feeding. still the restless child. He just cries if he is hungry, thirsty, sleepy, cranky and wants something. So, it is left to us to figure out what it is that he wants and more often than not, we somehow manage to get it right!
All his words are single syllabled. He gets away with a 'Ka' for kaka, kaal (leg), kai (hand), car, a 'Pa' for paal, papa and so on!
He climbs on to everything with horizontal steps, and has fallen so many times that I have seriously considered having a custom made helmet for him.
Making him sit still to eat is the most difficult job of all. I feed him and Kachi alternatively and on most days manage to finish off in less than 5 minutes. Thats the max he will sit. And after that, no matter if he is hungry or not, its a no no.
He is on his legs every waking moment of the day. To see Kautu sit still is like rushing to take a snap of the rare moment.

One and a half years...and I am still trying out different techniques each day..for feeding, scolding and teaching. I wonder if I will ever be complacent in parenting, if I will ever settle into a routine with them and when I will start feeling comfortable being a mother. Maybe, when the next one comes along??!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whatz up?

Whatz up here in Kachi Kautu world? Lots and lots!! A 750KM car trip to Coonoor with just the dad, a 7 month pregnant mom and the two of us!! Wow! This was last week for Diwali and guess what? Neither of us had a fact, we enjoyed being pampered by the grandparents so much that we wouldn't have minded if the parents had left us back in Coonoor, but my poor mom fell sick on the way back!! She caught a cold that soon turned into a sinus and chest congestion and is just beginning to get back into shape. So, while we run around like brigands, she's been sitting by the inhaler with steam blowing all over her and spouting from her ears every time she sees dad...mainly for taking her on a trip that cost two days of travel by road and that seems to have broken her already bent back!
Anyways, for us, we find more joy in each others company now a fact, even fighting has its merit when we can run to dad and mom with a bruised cheek or hand and get the other guy into trouble. Why, we even bang our head (ofcourse mildly, but the parents don't know that) just so that they give us a good massage and a kiss! What do we not do for a hug and a petting! We find just about anything ridiculously funny these days. The other day, we were traveling to Coonoor (Thatha and pati's place, which is quite close to ooty). We were in our usual place at the and dad had stuffed the space below the seat with bags and put our blanket over it with a dozen or so pillows for us to play with and made it so cozy that we hardly ever bother them on these car trips. And so, to continue the story, Kachi had a thread hanging from his pant and I found it exceedingly funny! I would pull it and both of us would end up rolling in laughter at the back. Dad and mom would look back and smile at each other, but would never interfere..cause the moment they did, we would try to attract their attention and stop our games all together! So, we fight lots more, play with each other lots more and in general, we get this feeling that we are the court jesters here in our house! All mom and dad seem to do is sit and watch us romp around and we every trick in our sleeve to get them, till the next time we get a break from our hectic schedule, its tata from both of us...

Loads of luv,
Kachi and Kautu