Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sitting with two in my lap..

Kautu on the chair armrest and Kachi on my lap, as I type away, I realise that I just don't want to send them to play school so early, would in fact prefer joining work two months later so that they cross two when they join school. Would someone convince my husband that a two months loss of pay is bearable? Or is it not? I don't know. We are just mildly out of some financial crisis and thats why it is so critical that I get back. Critical and heart wrenching, cause I sent of the previous maid and now, I cannot leave them at home but have to compromise for a playschool cum daycare centre (as all the play schools are closed for summer) for the next two months. The montessori we have chosen opens in June and till then, I plan to send them in the mornings to a day care and that is sooo difficult. I am still going to work from home for Krithika, but its near impossible to do that with these two hanging around! Even as I type, one is busy standing on the chair behind me and trying to ursup my place and the other is trying to push him out of the chair. Oh...what do I do? What just do I do? This question has been eating my head for the past two weeks, it comes in my sleep and every waking moment. When I see them playing peacefully, I tell myself I can actually manage keeping them at home and working, but the next moment, they turn on each other and then I am sure that I need to send them to a place where they will be occupied and will not get bored of just playing with each other. And these feelings keep oscillating and time is running out. I need to join back by April 7 and if they have to go to school, then I need get them comfortable there at least two weeks before. We actully tried sending them to a day care. They were playing happily when we left. We bought diapers and bottle and returned in 15 min to find Kachi clutching onto the gate and bawling his heart out and Kautu sitting in the swing and crying. Aw..we just couldn't leave them after seeing that and Karthik and I bundled our precious goods into the car and came straight back home. I know kids do tend to cry when they join school, but I guess we are just not ready for it still!! Anyways, if anyone has a suggestion, please do tell me about it. I am truly in a big dilemma right now!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I just found the time

To pop in and give a small diary entry. How is it that when your hands are full, you find yourself having more time to do the things you never had time for before? When the maid was there, I valued the rest I got, the free time I got much less than now. So, anytime I am not doing anything is like a boon, so precious that I cherish it to my hearts content. And believe me, its so wonderful not having to see the maid day in and out (though she used to leave at a prompt 6 in the evening). I just love the feeling of having the house and the kids to myself. To play with them all the time, get them involved in the household chores (well, so far, Kachi has found his niche with the broom and Kautu in the kitchen, though knowing Kautu, he is more interested in finding out just what all his mother has stored away beyond his reach) and shout the worst songs loudly to them without facing a silent censure from anyone! For this reason alone, I have wished that I had lesser number of kids, just so that I can manage them all on my own, but now that I am doing so, its really a blessing that I have my three!! For, Kachi and Kautu fight, play, laugh and sleep together and Krithika, she's as of now a no problem child, taking her feeds, playing and sleeping. She's begun enjoying the play gym we had bought for the guys. Infact, you put her in it and she forgets to cry for a nappy change and hunger!! She holds very amusing conversations with the smiley facing her in the gym and kicks the musical teddy bear with her legs! We are thoroughly enjoying this little bundle of joy and god bless her with happiness life long!
Okie, the time is up and I need to get the noodles ready before the kids and their dad return from the park, plus the sweeping and mopping the house is still pending and ofcourse, dinner has yet to be ready.....ah..all with an ailing stomach (I don't know what I ate yesterday, but things in the middle have not been good since last night!)..but I am cherishing every moment of this. For, I might need to keep a maid when I start work next month, and all this privacy would be a distant memory soon.
See you all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taking a break..

Sent my maid off last month...and the cook. So, with the housework and kids work, Iam totally pooped!!! Till I get another maid, I am taking off from the blogworld. Sending you all my love and wishes and may you all be having a great time every minute of your day!!
Ciao and god bless,

PS: Kashyap, Kaustubh and Krithika are doing fine. Only their mother is a poor overworked soul right now!