Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not so brainy anymore?

What is with the moms who have quit their jobs to be with their kids? Do they really feel the need to proclaim to the world that they were intelligent before, and have lost all their brains by taking the very intelligent decision of being at home with the kids? For reference, do see the comment by an anon for the previous post. I know that it is considered beneath anybody to actually reply to an anon comment, but this one set me thinking a lot. All the complexes of that writer has been displayed in that such short a comment. The fact that she now feels inferior to women who are actually continuing in the embedded software industry and the fact that she has made a big deal of her choice of staying at home, a decision that has to be applauded, but in no way should be considered a sacrifice. I would certainly not make any decisions that can be called a sacrifice just so that I can hang it one day over my children's head ...quite literally" I have done so much for you...given up my challenging career " and so on. It is absolutely my decision taken because I loved being at home with my darlings any day that being in that stuffy office with poor ventillation and a computer to interact with. As to considering myself intelligent, I do. If the fact that I have been able to aquire a degree from a prestigious institute, have been able to bag projects that have been challenging in the extreme, and those that were vied by collegues much senior and have managed an amazing performance review constantly all the years of my service, does not indicate that ofcourse I am brainy, dammit, then what else?!!! Oh yes, this is just the academic quotient, I might be lacking in a lot of other spheres, but that is not a topic I would like to bring out in this forum! But to get back, dear anon, you don't have to feel that taking this step of being at home is a big thing, as it is something you have obviously taken with a of thought and so, it is something that you wanted to do with all your heart, and so, it is nothing to be made a big fuss about!! And yes, being at home in no way makes you less intelligent, rather it expands all your intelligences to a large extent. I hope you are happy in the choices you made, and I hope there are others out there who feel the same with me!