Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why do I never seem to get settled?

Why is it that almost everyone I know have a stable job, are settled in a place for good and build a life for themselves in the place they work? I would have loved to do the very same, except for a series of serious, emotionally draining and bewildering experiences, I would not have changed a thread on the life I had. A beautiful house, in a very green location and a rewarding job. It is strange that every time I have felt that I am settled, all is exactly what I have wanted it to be, things have gone horribly wrong.
Kaustubh and Kashyap started going to school from May, and started falling sick every other week from May. With kachi, things were still fine, as he recovered quickly, but kautu, the intensity of his allergic attacks began to grow in such proportion that very soon, a running nose would have us biting our nails in tension, for it was now almost a certainity that a running nose entailed a wheesing attack and a viral and a secondary bacterial infection. Things finally got out of hand the last month and he was admitted with Pneumonia. Krithika was admitted in the next bed with a bronchal infection she picked up from Kautu and Kachi was sleeping on the attender's cot. At one point, kautu even stopped responding to our calls and thats when they shifted him to the ICU. The only comment by the doctors was that, the entire peadiatric ward was full of patients with bronchal infection, and the cause for this is just the pathetic Bangalore climate. And thats when I decided I will not show kautu this city till he is at least 5 years old. The day he recovers enough to travel I am going to Chennai to stay with my parents till karthik can find a job there.
One week later, we reached Chennai and he's been fine since. Its been a month here and I have found a house close by to my parents place. We are shifting next month. Karthik has not searched another job here, but is planning to work a few days from Chennai and a few from Bangalore. I don't know if this is going to work, but please pray that it does. For, if the kid is healthy, theres nothing we cannot achieve, if he is not, we are stunted physically, emotionally and professionally. Theres just so much to do, a big relocation, setting up the new house and what not, jobs compromised in the process, and god alone knows if it is all worth it.