Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is why I love my blog

though I am quite irregular in writing and even more in checking out my favorite blogs. I just happened to read a post of mine written a few years ago, and there....I find a lot of my questions answered, a lot of doubts cleared and memory refreshed. I have just forgotten how Kachi n Kautu were when they were less than a year old. Yes. If not for my blog, I would not have even recollected a single character trait of theirs. Do all mothers forget their kids early stages, or is it because I had Krithika when these guys were just coming out of theirs and so, hers and their childhood have all merged into one? Don't know.

They seem to be frozen at 3 for me, but equally, krithika seems frozen at 1.5! Now I can't seem to remember her little traits, brought back to me when I found a long lost video (in fact the only one we have of her the first year!). She had a peculiar habit of hitting her mouth with her hand periodically, and it looked just damn cute. Will it all come back to me when I am 80 and dying, like in your life flashing by you moments before the final call? Then the wait is well worth it, such beautiful memories for me to recollect. Or, will it happen when they get married and go away, or when I see their kids? Maybe I should ask my parents, but I wonder if they have ever thought about it. Their generation, without generalising, have generally been concerned with making ends meet and providing sustenance rather than think deeply about stuff that we seem to have ample time to think about! Anyway, I have tried to follow "Think deeply, yet live lightly" principle and what better way to have an outlet than this blog!!!