Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going home again...

As in keeping with my history of ever changing decisions, we are moving back to bangalore again...after a stormy two months in Chennai. It feels great to imagine being back in one's own home, the nest you created for yourself, where your authority will not be questioned and where you need listen to no one but yourself. Along with it is also the image of toil, of waking up early and getting all the meals on the table before 9, of giving innumerable baths one after another to the three kids, of countless visits to the bathroom taking one or both of the twins for their natures calls, of trying to catch a wink of sleep in the afternoon to be rudely woken up by Krithika who rarely sleeps for more than an hour, of cleaning the house again and again so that Karthik can come back to a pleasing house, of endless sessions of feeding, giving bath and putting to sleep and last but not the least, fights that I will now have to again sort out on my own. Is it just two months that I have been here? Feels like ages since I was sole incharge of the kids. Then again, there are the images of cozy afternoons shared by Karthik, krithika and me, when the vanarams are asleep, of the movies we used to catch up before they woke up, of the playing and mucking around we did once karthik came back from office, of the almost every day trips we used to make so that the kids get to stretch their legs outside and of the sheer joy in being in your house with just you and your immediate family. Nothing rivals that, I know!
Going home again....less in words, more in memories and happiness.