Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some long due snaps

The guys in their birthday suit...doing what they enjoy the most...

The birthday boys, in their last year's birthday dress!!! Oh yes, they still fit into it..which just goes to show how the negligible 3 Kgs they have put on is nowhere to be seen!

Krithika a month back.....There's a smile you will always see on her!

More snaps are coming in soon...time's now heavy on my hands but light on the camera!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 2 nd birthday, dears!

Dearest Kachi and Kautu,
You are laughter, you are fun, infact, there is a smile on your face almost every other second. I rarely see you dull. My bundles of energy, oodles of smile......heights of frustration, everything you guys are! All 13 Kgs of love and 13 teeth of naughtiness, a few hairs of wisdom and two dimples of stubborness, you are. Mouthfull of orders, tongue full of cheek, eyes full of mischief and a smile that says..." Amma, I have just done something you don't like" ....all this and more you are. Four hands of games and two hands of fights, a back that shows teeth marks and a head that has seen walls, floors, bats, beds and what not. A little brown hair, a lot of black, two brown eyes and two black, one fair face and one dusky, two hands with fingers slender and two with chubby, one tall frame and another shorter, one good eater and the other poor, one talks one to a dozen, the other with perfect pronunciation, you guys are in no way similar.
One thing you dont differ ....... is in the way you smile when you see your dad and me, the way you come to us to solve your little fights and the way you respond to our hearts full of love.
Love you guys to bits, have a lovely lovely year ahead.
Loads of Luv,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, for one, certain things need to be sorted out. Issues:
1. Office says I have work for 4 hours in office and 4 hours at home. Now I am really uncomfortable working 4 hours in office after being rather used to working from home. Not that I mind being in office, its quite a lot of fun, its rather that I miss being with my kids. Well, they do join school end of May, but till then, I really really miss being with them. More that that, theres my little girl to think of. She's been an absolute gem till now, playing/sleeping for a solid 2 1/2 hours after her feed so that her mom can go to office and finish some sizable work before getting back. I am really really worried that I will miss her to madness once I decide to get back fulltime.
2. I have become so addicted to the process of staying at home and working flexi hours that this whole thing of shuttling to and fro has become very unsettling. Neither can I leave the kids feeding to anyone else, nor am I able to work the full 8 hours and still do all the things I used to do for them.
3. As any other mom, I looove the kids too much to be without them the entire day ..may be I should not have started this work from home at all. I might have not known the heaven of staying at home, of being there for every hurt, every tear and hear every laughter. Pat them to sleep in the afternoon, be there when they come searching for me, sing them songs all day through and play rough and touch and bring huuge smiles to their faces. I just should not have experienced all this. Then the pang of weaning away would not have been there. I still have time to decide...

All my posts now seem to have the same content, as this is all I am able to think all day long. Maybe when I am out of this crisis, I will have more content for you to read, till then, do bear with me!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dedicated to the organisers of the mega baby shower...

For all those ladies who spent so much time and came up with the amazing baby shower....

Hi you all and sorry for not keeping in touch.
My baby's been keeping me busy pretty much.
Congrats to you all for the amazing work done
Inspite your busy schedules and your little ones.

Lovely poems and wonderful clues
Enough to drive away the MTB's blues
I saw from Boo's what fun they had
That I couldn't take part, I am very sad.

I've joined back work but still no maid.
Its like walking in the sunlight and seeing no shade.
Hours stretch from 7am to 12 midnight
And the three wake up every 2 hours at night.

So sleep is nil and work is more
My eyes are heavy and my back is sore
But it brings a smile to my face
to see you all doing so much with grace.

I wish someone would give me a shower
Just raising three kids gives any one a shudder
I am digressing, I just wanted to say
That I am proud of you, if I may!!!

Here is the originator and what she had to say....
Hats off to you all.