Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just here just now

With their LEGO set scattered between them, all three of my kids are sitting in the balcony. As I sit typing away before them, the thought that pervades all through me is that, there is nothing I would be doing other than exactly this at this point in time. It is such a pole apart from where I was a year back. The rush home every two hours to feed Krithika, the minutes I grab to just be with the kids, seeing them play in between the cooking and feeding and the constant rush of thoughts about work. It would be a rare day that I would get to sit like this and just relax with no thought other than what I am typing away. This is not to say that I don't want to get back to work! I do. But if I do, it will have to be either part time, during the morning when the boys will be in school and when I can permit myself to leave baby in a day care, or, a flexiblilty of work from home when I can be at home during the afternoons. It is just not possible otherwise! After having had the luxury of being with them throught the day, leaving them to someone who will not enjoy them, and sees them with the same eyes they see other kids is just not possible!!! I can't describe the pure joy I feel when I lie down with them for their afternoon nap. Both Kachi and Kautu have to hug me to sleep and I lie straight down, like a log so that they both can take their share! Today was special, coz baby too wanted to sleep with her bros. I usually put her to sleep either before or after they have slept. Today, Kachi wanted her to sleep with him, so I put her in between me and him. To my surprise, he started singing the lullaby I usually sing for her, and slowly, her eyes drooped and she slept! He got up to see if she has slept and then turned around and went to sleep! Wish I had a cam to capture these moments! I was touching all three of them till I too dropped of to sleep and what more do you need to make your day?
Well, Krithika has just gone to put her hands on to the mud (she is fond of eating it, and such other dirty things!), so let me bid you good bye!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer camp before school!!

The boys are almost 3 and we thought we would enroll them in a summer camp to pass the time till they join school. The school we finalised is a very small one, a montessori run by a lady who reminded me so much of my mom, the same dedication and energy that the moment I talked to her, I decided to put the kids there.

The 'white vandi' (a white omni) comes daily at 9.20 and they are off..just like that! The first day, I was wandering around the house, wondering at the silence and the time, I didn't know what to do with! I was counting the minutes till 1.30 when they would be home. Baby and I would wait down and greet them. There's something very brave in you when you first entrust your kids to an absolute stranger and pray that they take them to their destination safely. It was that first letting go that was difficult, days after that were easy. I think I just got a preview of what it would be like when they leave home for college and more so when they get married! I wouldn't want to be like the clinging parent, trying to force myself on my kids life!

We then came to the next milestone, their talent show! They were to dress up as animals and I lacked the energy to make up something, so we drove half the way across the city to rent them a costume. Kachi was pig and Kautu lion. The D day arrived and they went happily to their teachers when we dropped them at the venue, which was a restaurant inside Country Club, ORR. We returned half an hour later to find them decked up really sweet, with lip stick and roughe and whiskers. True to ourselves, we misplaced our camera, so had to borrow another parents and take snaps of our kids on stage, doing absolutely nothing! I was waiting for the parent to send us the snaps before writing this post, but, as that hasn't happened as yet, couldn't wait any longer! Well, to give them credit, they didn't cry and run to us, nor did they remain absoulte statues, they did jump, and roar and kachi the pig, shouted Oink..Oink. And we were so excited! The principal even called all the mothers on stage and made the kids give us a mothers day card, with their pictures taken in school on it. She did go through a lot of effort for the summer camp, and her whole family were backstage helping her with it, which made me think of my mom so much!

Theres another two weeks left for the camp, I certainly am going to miss it once its over!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feeling good

Feeling really good after changing the look of the blog. Wanted to do it ages back, but was always either too busy or absolutlely jobless, but without a comp! Got a new laptop after ages of nagging and wow...feels like I gained an extra limb!

Now for a few updates...
Kachi and Kautu have been going to a summer camp. Now I know the difference between sending your kids to school when they are two years old and when they are three. They cried and cried and looked so lost the last time round and finally we pulled them out of school after a month cause they fell sick so often, and now, they wave a biiig bye and get into their school van and speed of to school. They come back at 1, all ready to eat a marraige meal and fall asleep almost instantaneously, which is all making me feel superflous. Baby is missing her brothers a lot and keeps asking for them! The kid who doesn't give me a trouble when everyone is at home, is forever on my lap once the brothers have gone to school!!! Huh...shall I send her off to a day care and get back to work??? Though she is the greatest fun to be with, I have a feeling she's going to enjoy herself where there are a lot of other kids to keep her entertained!! What say? Maybe its all just wishful thinking, when it finally comes to taking the final step to put them in day care, I will cry off. But then, the restlessness has started to come back...I am missing my job and all the challenges that come with it. What about part time, lets say from 9-1?? If anyone offers that on a platter, I will eat it up...but till then, let me keep dreaming! But like what Karthik keeps telling me, the first three years of the kids life is never going to come back, so sit back and enjoy, but again, like how I keep telling, I am doing just that, but at a few times like these, they just seem not enough!

We have been doing a few trips lately..been to Yercaud last month, and to the mysore zoo last election day..had a blast at the zoo, the kids still ask me tell zoo stories every time I put them to sleep!!
Leaving you with a few snaps...

We just managed to keep them off the water..surprisingly, Kachi n kautu were extremely well behaved, Krithika wanted to try her hand swimming...

In chennai, Kachi is being the obliging elder bro, taking baby for a ride..

Caught snapping in BITS

Utop Pahadi .. the Hanuman temple...the real reason for us being back in BITS. I wanted to be back here after I married, and finally made it after three kids!

Need I say anything?? I have always felt the clock tower lawns to be the most beautiful place in the campus...

Sky...been there with loads of dear people and now back with the dearest of all!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This one is for you guys...

all of you who share a multitude of BITS memories with me n karthik!!!
..some tit bits...
...dearest wingies ....did you know that our rooms in MAL (oh has again been converted into a boys hostel due to the sheer decrease in the number of girls since BITSAT was introduced!!!) are now being habitated by the chowkies!!! Well..Karthik took snaps outside his old rooms and I went to take mine...and the chowkie says.."bhai photo ley lo...ab ye mera room hai"!!!

and something to cheer for the guys..seems the percentage of girls (it was 40% in my time) is now 18 % which is still ahead of the IITS...(is it 7-8% ?). The question being asked around by the faculty is ..why is it that girls tend to do poorly when there is an entrance test involved, but crack their boards?? Any answers?

For all of us who grew up there listening to ample amounts of Tamil and Telugu, the complete Hindi culture might baffle. For a while Karthik n I just stood around trying to forge our image of a BITSIAN to those we saw around us and failed. But, we soon got used to that, and learnt that there are still a sizable number of kids from AP, but a meagre few from TN. Why??? No one from the TN board this time, the handful of guys from Chennai were CBSE. Is it that the kids are just fed up of preparing for umpteen entrance exams? IIT, TNPCEE, BITSAT and what not? Maybe they prefer the good enough colleges closer to home than travel all the way up to Rajasthan? guys are really missing something. (There were only some 3000 applications from TN compared to 40,000 from AP!)

The new Students Activity Centre is worth drooling over. If you could see our old SUB (Students Union Block) now, it feels like a pebble in the vast desert that is the SAC. The night I visited the SAC, there was a ROBO football going in the ..hold your breath....the amphitheatre!! If dreams could come true, this is what would result. I just couldn't locate my dearest place, BSL (Bits Students Library), if any of you have any info..let me know..I hope it is not one of those things that got blown away in the winds of change.

.. Shall get back to you when I remember something else!! take care till then!