Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Poxy holiday..

And thats what happens when life moves on too end up catching yourself at a few moments recaping all thats been happening and wondering where you are..

Relocating from Cambridge to Bristol would have been even more fun if not for the Chicken Pox..considering that I seemd to have everything mentioned in the websites as 'In rare cases', I haven't done too badly, if I am sitting down now and typing this away! But ofcourse, this is after 5 grilling days of blisters, itching, headache, sorethroat and sheer pain! Its also a great deal of fun to pop in paracetamols every 4 hours in the vain hope that I can sleep off the days till it starts getting better..not very feasible with three very boisterous kids at home on holiday! If it is an Octonaut waking me up now, its a Banana in Pyjamas the, sleep was more or less restricted to the nights, which too was eventually sucessful once I pushed Karthik off to the other room..

Santa did visit us, though mummy was sick..and suprisingly, he seemed to have given a cart load of craft! A few cheap guns, bubbles and some chocolates, but mainly, a lot of art and craft..
How does santa know we like craft?
How does he know our names?
Did you and dad buy these or Santa?
How did he know that Kautu likes 3 Cars?
Why didnt his Reindeer eat the Carrot we put for him outside? (*Ahem* Yes, we forgot to remove it in the morning!)
Why did he buy it from Sainsbury?

Mummy and daddy almost told you guys the truth this year..but surely, you boys will be told it all by next..but take care, Krithika's isn't to know for another few, ok?

And thats all from us for now...wish you all a very happy year ahead!!

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