Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anguish of the unborn

Warm and safe, nestled I lie
No dreams and no nightmares torment.
Growing as nature intended me to be
A tiny speck of life, as yet dormant.

Do I know if I am wanted..
If who gave me life willed it so?
Do I know I am loved and will be cared for
That I am their bundle of joy? No..

But I am snug and safe where I am
Doesn’t that mean they want me much?
Soon I’ll grow, be the baby they longed for
They’ll feel my joy with my every punch..

But what is that noise I hear..
A sound so dreadful and its coming near..
I see something that I haven’t seen before..
I feel threatened, I feel fear..

Its taking away the only home I’ve known,
And its getting closer to me..
Now I know that its me, it wants
But I don’t want to leave, let me be..

I am near the monster, just seconds away,
My despair and longing, I can’t but share
I know now I wasn’t wanted,
It isn’t right, it isn’t fair.

I would have been the baby you loved most,
I would have made you laugh and rejoice
Oh why didn’t you let me live..
Why do I have no choice…?

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